Week Four

Today is the Tuesday of my fifth week here in Ensenada, but this post is about my last week.  Last Monday I continued working in cell culture with Johanna.  I’ve been kept pretty busy, working on the photo-aging project with my mentor, while also working on the sea anemone/conotoxin project with Kevin and his mentors.  We finished up an acetic acid assay with the mice and prepared cages for the 100 mice we were getting the next day.  Tuesday we drive to Tijuana International Airport to pick up the 100 mice, stopped by the beach and had a coffee, then came back to Ensenada.  It was an all day trip, but was very nice because the drive was enjoyable, and we stopped to have a lobster lunch on the coast which was amazing.  Wednesday we just prepared solutions for the experiments we were going to do for the rest of the week, we have a lot of mice and will have to put in a lot of hours to complete all the experiments in good time.  Thursday and Friday were both very long days, we worked for about 11 hours each day performing experiments on the mice, and I would periodically leave to check cell cultures with Johanna.  On Friday, Samanta (Kevin’s mentor), invited us to her house for a dinner she cooked.  It was the first home cooked meal Kevin and I had in Mexico and it was great, we had friend tacos with chorizo and potatoes.  We stayed for a while then went home, we were both exhausted.  We spent the weekend resting, doing a little studying, and planning a little BBQ we want to have on Monday for the Fourth of July.

I think that now Kevin and I have really gotten the hang of Ensenada, it’s getting much easier to speak with the locals in Spanish and we have been finding lots of really good places for food.  I’m starting to get addicted to the tacos.


IMG_0667 (working with the mice)


IMG_0676 (our first home cooked meal)

(below: our lobster dinner at Porto Nuevo, outside of Tijuana)


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