Week 9: LaKia

This week was also our last week in lab. It was bitter sweet to wrap up our work in Dr. Li’s lab. Kelly and Jin have been so helpful and patient with us, and it’s sad to be leaving them. For our last week we did a final presentation, where we presented our entire research project, including the results. In Dr. Li’s lab we had 2 projects, and since one of them didn’t have any positive results, I only presented on one of them. I am grateful that we were able to work on two projects, so that we were at least able to get positive results for one of them. My presentation went really well and I am excited, as well as nervous, to write up my experiment and results in a written final report.

Dr. Li and I during my final presentation

Fred is leaving town for Seattle this week, so he took all of us out to dinner with his wife and kids. It was nice to have one last meal with them, as our time here in Taiwan is coming to an end seeing as they helped us a lot when we arrived. Seeing Fred prepare to leave made me think of how much help he has given us. I hope to stay in touch with him. He told us when he goes to the states, he stops back at every city he has friends in. Maybe one day he will add New Orleans to the list when I am working as a physician scientist.

My mom, Fred, and I




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