Week 9: All about that bass..

Where to begin…

(listening to Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass, one of my lab mates from Taiwan sang this song and now it is stuck in my head).

This week has been great. Our lab took a break on Monday and Tuesday to go out as a group and do group activities. In order to have these two days off, everyone agreed to make it up in the weekend. So far, we have gone to Tarako Park, Tainan to visit the Chimei Museum, Central Park to have brunch and played at Jump 360, and visited several outlets.

Screenshot (2351)Screenshot (2355)

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In terms of research, things are starting to come together. Noter, one of the contributors to the code of the programming has extended his help to further assist us on the project. My lab mate and I had encounter a few dilemmas, when it came to analyzing the data and transforming them into measurable values, however Noter’s  contributions have made the compilation of the research possible. He taught us the programming and the values he needed to obtain to create a standard measurement for the instruments that we were using.

Screenshot (2375) (Prof. Noter)

I have been helping my other labmates with their experiment. In the biological mechanical lab that I am working in, everyone is working on addressing proprioception by various methods. Some are looking at the functions of ankle proprioception using a Biodex machine. I went to Cheng Kung University at Tainan for one of the experiment, they had an an apparatus that assess neck issues.

We ended up visiting Tainan over the past weekend and visiting the National Palace Museum where they were exhibiting Cultural Artifacts of the Quing Emperor Renzongand. We also went out for a bike ride after.

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This is the place to visit! (Banana New Paradise)!

I would recommend this site to anyone visiting Taiwan as it was also a great place to take photos. The venue also had a Japanese Collections from 14th Century armour to the Machine Gun of the Japanese Zero Fighter Aircraft used during WWII.

During our two days off, my labmates and I visited KTV where we sang karaoke. It was my first time being at a KTV, I did not know any of the Chinese songs but as time went on, I started to pick up on the chorus. One my lab mates then switch it to English songs, and sang her heart out, singing Adele’s songs and more.. she got the song “all about that bass” stuck on my head.

The next day, we visited Chimei Museum, we had to make reservations to attend the Museum. The museum was huge, we walked around the museum. The museum has a collection of over a thousand violins from different parts of the world. In the museum we walked through the exhibition on life and its evolutionary process; beginning with theories of extinctions of animals leading to its diversity. We looked at western arts from the 13th – 20th Century as well as its weaponry. I found the evolution of arms and armour the most interesting. The armor of the Samurai was armour from Japan that dated back to the 4th Century. We were pretty exhausted after walking and eating that my lab mate took the opportunity to capture us resting after our meal.

Screenshot (2376)

This is a shot from Tarako Park. We took the MRT station (red line) to Caoya (exited #2), (in case you guys are ever Taiwan!). The amusement park was fun, we rode on a few rides and plan to come back to drive on the Mini Sizuka Circuit, since it is not yet open to the public.

Screenshot (2373)Screenshot (2372)

Screenshot (2363)Screenshot (2364)Screenshot (2365)Screenshot (2362)

(This was when I went to the Sugar Factory in Chiayi)

I also bought some clothes at the sugar factory, they had some vintage clothing from the 70’s that I had to purchase.

This is picture of the old, now remodeled Japanese train station at Taichung.

Screenshot (2366)


On Tuesday, my lab mates and I went to play at Jump 360-極限跳床 then had brunch at Central Park. The instructor showed us how to do back flips; not that I managed to learn but I did attempt, and the food during brunch was delicious.


Screenshot (2357) (a pic of the MRT in Kaohsiung)

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