Week 8: Making those final connections

This week, I’ve been on a tight schedule from research to social activities outside of university. As the research is approaching near the end, last week and this week, I have been attending the library more than before to ensure that I finish my work. Socially, I have been going to dinners to meet with friends that I have made on this beautiful journey to say a last goodbye.

In research, I have been going back and forth to San Yun University. I have been working with the graduate students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Sun Yat Sen University with a video oculography (VOG) and electrooculogram (EOG). They have been helpful in teaching me the programing, codes and the practicalities of the several devices, which include: the circuit board, converter, battery, MAT Lab 2013, Garmin VIRB XE device. It is comforting to know that I am working closely with Chia – Wei Chou (developer of the code for measuring the displacement of the eye) and Jia – Hong Wu (a contributor to the program). They have not only taught me the practicalities of each device, but how they developed it.

Screenshot (2319) Screenshot (2318)

San Yun University is next to the beach and adjacent to a mountain. While walking during lunch, my lab mates and I encountered lots of monkeys on campus. It was pretty exciting.

Screenshot (2309)

Screenshot (2320)

Screenshot (2308)

This week, I found myself visiting Kaohsiung Main Public Library at No. 61, Xinguang Rd, 前鎮區 Kaohsiung City, 806. This library was serve as a great outlet as it required me to take the MRT to visit and stroll through the (garden/park). The building is nice place to study and focus on my MHIRT assignments and the my research project. The library is open until 10pm which made the trip well worth it to stay on top of everything.

Screenshot (2311)

Screenshot (2310)

As the end approaches, I have come to adore Taiwan and my friendships. We have talked about setting a ten year reunion with my lab mates and fellow roommate. As time changes, knowing that this great opportunity is one of a kind, I cherish and try to enjoy every piece of it. I will stay optimistic and say that we will be here ten years from now. I plan to learn Chinese and a few of my lab mates have gave me their word that they will plan to learn some Spanish.

This weekend, me and my lab mates went to Chiayi and Chiatung. It was important for me to visit Chiayi, as this was the home of where it all originated from. My fellow co-worker, Ann Thao grew up here, she was one of the underlying notions that motivated me by sparking the idea that Taiwan was my next destination. Her kind and hard work for patients gave me an aspiration to understand who she was and came from (by the way, I surprised her by calling her to let her know that I was in Taiwan last week). In Chiatung, we visited the National Palace Museum and then had lunch at the Banana New Paradise, the place was beautiful. Here are some shots from my travels.

Screenshot (2322)(Chiayi)

Screenshot (2321)(Chiayi)

Screenshot (2324) (Chiayi)

Screenshot (2323)(Chiatung)

Screenshot (2316)

Screenshot (2315)(Banana New Paradise)

Screenshot (2313)

Screenshot (2314)(HSR to Kaohsiung)



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