Week 8: LaKia

This week we went to Brickyard where a lot of foreigners go to hang out. It was nice because I felt less like an outcast. I was invited to Brickyard by a guy I met on campus named Aspiro who is getting his Master’s degree. He had invited his other friends, as well, so we got to meet some new people from KMU. One of the new people was Tom who is Taiwanese, but was raised in the UK. He was also a lot of fun. We also saw some familiar faces from KMU, so it was nice to be able to connect with them off of campus.

As for lab, we have been repeating experiments and so far the results corroborate the results we received the first time. We have also begun conducting a Minimum Inhibition Concentration experiment to determine the lowest concentration needed to inhibit bacteria growth (detect a zone of inhibition). This will be used as part of the results section of our final paper.

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