Week 7&8

This week in lab, we continued our exercise intervention. On Wednesday, we gave journal presentations and on Thursday, we gave our second progress report. I think it is safe to say that we probably won’t get our CKD patients at this point. I am a little sad about this, but I am appreciative of what I have gained from this research experience. The trials and misfires of this experiment have made me realize the true work of
a public health researcher.
Aside from our research matters, the week was also full of celebratory birthday activities. On Wednesday when I walked into the lab, I was welcomed by a selection of fruits, candies, & a ‘Happy Birthday’ note, all from Melissa. What a way to start off my birthday!

The night before, we found a really good vegetarian restaurant that had a large variety of all-vegetarian meals served in large portion sizes–an unexpected and refreshing surprise! We loved it so much that we ate here for lunch on Wednesday. I was under the impression that only the cohort and I would be eating at the vegetarian restaurant while the rest of the lab dined at a more meat-friendly place, but to my surprise, the whole lab joined us at the restaurant. I was very touched by their kindness and their willingness to always accommodate me. I ended the day with a fancy dinner on the harbor with the cohort.
On the weekend, we put on our explorer hats again as we embarked on the grand waves of the Kenting Coast. Never would I have imagined that my 21st birthday would be spent cruising the coastline in electric scooters, viewing the ocean from water-receded cliffs and riding the Pacific Ocean waves in a banana

boat and water raft. This weekend was definitely an unforgettable one.

On week 8, we finally completed our exercise intervention an
d conducted the Biodex post-test on our participants. Not surprisingly, our results came out to be insignificant. After reviewing the results, I started to write the Discussion section. Thursday, the lab took us to a really good Japanese Ramen place for lunch. I had the spicy broth as a base. I only wish that Kat and Brendon were able to leave the lab that day and join us. After lab, two of our lab mates, Rachel and Patty were kind enough to take Melissa and I on a hike to the top of Monkey Mountain, to a nice dinner on the pier, and to eat at a famous shaved ice dessert place called Deer Grassland.

Friday was also eventful. We did our last progress report for the lab, but this time Dr. Guo came.  After the presentations, Dr. Guo took us to an insanely fancy hot pot restaurant. Again, I chose the spicy broth and it was excellent. To end a fantastic Friday, I ended up leaving my purse in an uber on the way to the train station minutes before we were going to catch the HSR to Taipei. We were probably going to miss the train anyway because half of our group arrived at the departure time. All of Friday evening was very stressful.  Fortunately, the uber driver had my purse safely in hand, and with the help of our lab members, we were able to get it back by the end of the night.

We headed for Taipei at 07:30 on Saturday morning. Our day consisted of touring the Taipei Zoo, visiting the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial, eating some incredibly awesome pizza, going to Longshan temple, and very successful souvenir shopping. On Sunday, we made it safely back to Kaohsiung to start our second to last week in Taiwan!

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