Week 7: Support Then Evaluate

Week 7 began with support supervision activities followed by performance reviews the next day. During Support Supervision, we went onsite to a health facility with the District Health Team to provide support in determining what they need in order to perform their duties. We used a tool developed by the Ministry of Health of Uganda to guide us through the process. This was a type of checklist with indicators of how the facility is performing as well as what resources they may or may not have. The team split into pairs with the local health facility staff to work on different parts of the support supervision tool. At the end, the District Health Team and health facility staff came back together to review what is going well and where there are gaps that the DHT can assist with. The conversation was collaborative and constructive. The larger team worked together to develop an action plan moving forward to improve the facility and ultimately health service delivery to patients. 


The Annual Performance Reviews were held the next day in a conference hall with representatives from the District Health Office, the various health centers in the district, local NGO partners such as Spotlight on Africa, etc. During the meeting, data from all the health centers were reviewed and discussed to determine how well each facility was performing. For example, the number of deliveries performed at each health center along with number of “mama kits” distributed were reviewed. A “mama kit” is essentially a kit that the pregnant patient keeps with her to give to health staff when it is time for her to deliver her baby. The number of kits distributed was higher than the number of deliveries in some health centers so the need for these numbers to correspond was discussed. Additional presentations were given on performance indicators such as those for antenatal care, malaria testing, etc. Other activities included presentations by Spotlight on Africa. 


I appreciated the opportunity to witness the model of having support supervision first, then followed by performance reviews. The model not only makes sense, but also seems effective and shows a level of understanding. Supporting a health center and the staff prior to reviewing their performance allows for the DHT to understand the challenges and take them into account when conducting the reviews. The large group setting of the performance reviews also created more of a team-tackling-issues-together mentality. I hope to see this type of model when I return home!


Until next week,


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