Week 6: LaKia

I moved into my new dorm and I have two new roommates. Liza is a medical student from Russia who will be entering her last year of medical school this upcoming semester. Swetha is a biochemistry PhD student from India, who just began her PhD program this past year. They are both very nice…

This week we also went to Taipei! We took the UBus which was very comfortable. It had WiFi and USB chargers, so I was very excited. Taipei was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the Shilin night market, I wanted to go to it every night. There was so much to do at Shilin, aside from souvenirs and eating. They had shopping stores, games, etc. While in Taipei, we also explored the Beitou Hot Springs, which were several pools of water that ranged in temperature. On one end the water was boiling hot, and on the other the water was ice cold. At the Hot Spring we saw other Black Americans, which was nice because they spoke to us and said they were very happy to see us. We also went to Bitan and pedal boated on the lake.

Taipei with Gabe

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