Week 6: Cijin Island and Pier 2-Art District


Cijin Island:

I went to Cijin Island this past weekend with the Taiwan Tech Treck students. To go to Cijin Island, you can walk to the nearest MRT station near KMU (10 min.). The station is called Houyi station [Red Line], transfer to the Orange Line from Formosa station, and ride the Orange Line to Siziwhan station. Walk 15 minutes to Gushan Ferry.

When we arrived to the island, we rented out bikes which only cost us 100NT = 3 US Dollars entire day. We rode around the coast of the island, visited the light house on top of the mountain, and had very delicious shaved ice. It was extremely sunny that day but the beach was very clear and beautiful.



Pier 2-Art District:

We also visited Pier 2-Art District. We rented out a 4 person bike for 400NT = 12 US Dollars for the entire day as well and biked along the pier. There were many exhibits that you pay admission to or you can walk around and take pictures of the public displays of art. We payed 200NT to enter into the Upside Down House. It was very busy inside and it was really cramped so pictures were limited. On the plus side, we all had fun being creative.



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