Week 6 (第六週)

Before I began blogging about this week, I would like to mention my visit to Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Centre at Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City, Dashu District. The experience was wonderful! I learned a bit of Buddhism in its various exhibitions it had inside. The huge Buddha is an understatement, it’s enormous statue overseas the large complex.  I learned a bit about the four encounters in which the Buddha went through: old age, sickness, death and a monk. The passage of the Buddha was inspiring. This place is definitely a must see!

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Kudos to Belen! As James (roommate) and Eric (lab mate) and myself went to explore the monasteries up on the hill as it started to rain. Belen picked a conversation with a local family from that region. Next thing, you know, we were invited to dinner at their lovely home, they were kind, humble as they offered to cook for us and after dinner they took us to the train station to get back home. It was a great experience.

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This week, my lab mates and I visited Xilinx University Program, it was roughly forty-minutes away from Kaohsiung Medical University. We observe how this university was taking advantage of the 6 degrees of freedom of the functional Stewart Platform. Currently, the Stewart Platform at our site is still under construction, as it lacks to move horizontally. The Stewart Platform at this University was integrated as a racing game where they are currently trying to develop the apparatus as a rehabilitation device to assess a patient’s coordination as the “subject/patient” can maneuver the vehicle “car” in the circuit, being able to record the patient’s progress in their recovery while engaging them in the process.

Next week in lab, we are planning to work on our methods and materials for our study. The lab coordinators have plan for us to visit other universities to learn about nystagmus, an involuntary of the eye movement.

In the weekend, my lab mates and I went out for Korean Barbecue. It was great! It had a Japanese style with hotpots and a grill, (it was pricey, but well worth it)! I went to cut my hair at a People Barbershop, this time, I took a lab mate, and the haircut was much better than the first time. The barber ended washing my hair, (never have I ever let someone wash my hair) the service was spectacular!

On Saturday I woke up early to hike 柴山盤榕 (Monkey Mountain), this was fun! My lab mates and I hiked for about fifty minutes. The hike was pretty intense, as the higher we went, the muddier the trail became. We were accompanied by a firefighter from Kaohsiung Finest. He was kind enough to carry 20 liters of water on his back for us to have once we reached the top of the mountain. We were all impressed, as many of us, just struggled just to reach the mountain (only carrying a water bottle and our phones). There was monkeys from the beginning of our trip. I was able to get a few shots of the monkeys.


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