Week 5: Pesticide Focus Group Discussion

This week we prepared and conducted a focus group discussion with farmers in Mbale district. We were able to work with the Spotlight on Africa organization to mobilize farmers to assess their knowledge, attitude, and practices with pesticide use for their personal gardens and crops (corn, tomatoes, rice, beans, etc.) My MHIRT partner Laila is the lead on this project and our goal is to conduct 10-15 focus group discussions while visiting the district. Since these farmers lived within the village their main language of communication was Luganda and our Ugandan colleagues were able to modulate and transcribe the discussions. We were able to have an hour discussion with each group and as appreciation we gave them soda, cake and soap to promote good health practices.
This was my first experience leading a focus group discussion, and I am happy I was able to see all the preparation and efforts that go into organizing and conducting these discussions. Especially being in a different country I can see how useful partnerships are with organizations that are willing to mobilize local person for our research.

– Mary

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