Week 5: Exploring the on-going projects/weekend adventure

Happy Sunday Funday!

This week has consisted of continuous reading for my summer research project. I have presented a few power-points on possible options for my project. The summer research project for the Sport Bio-Medical Department consists of addressing vestibular disorders, specifically nystagmus. This week, the lab coordinators took my group (my labmates and I) to lab to get familiar with the equipment and its functions. We took a look at a machine that measures the proprioception of ankle dorsal/plantar extensions/flexion. The seniors in lab, showed us how they would collect data. We also took a look at various projects that they are currently working on, for example the relationship with pressure ulcers and hospital beds. Currently, the group working on this project want to collect data on the effect of this new material that they are using to reduce the number of bed ulcers in patients.

Allen, the research assistant for our lab inform us that our project consists of three essential components: the Stewart Platform, EOG (electrooculography), and observing patients with vestibular disorders. My group was told that we are going to be working in conjunction with other universities in Taiwan for this project and visiting those labs to become acquainted with the equipment there.  The first is with Professor Yen of NSYSU, taking a look at the nystagmus signal and analyzing that condition. The second is working with Professor Huang’s lab of NKFUST. They work with managing the logistics of the Stewart Platform. The third is working here on Professor’s Guo’s lab, which is to observe patients with vestibular disorder.

We will have the opportunity to observe and get involved with those other laboratories, we will be talking about the logistics with transportation this upcoming week.

Screenshot (2161)

During the weekend, I visited the Pier-2 Art Center,  British Consulate at Takao and Shoushan Zoo. The Pier-2 Art Center was great! I visited the three-storey upside-down house. The house was in modern condition and had real-size furniture, there’s even car and actual car stuck to the ceiling. Here’s are some pictures from today.

Screenshot (2163)Screenshot (2167) Screenshot (2166)

I then stopped for some ice cream right before heading to the British Consulate.

Screenshot (2165)

(notice the bunny in the store)


Screenshot (2162)

This is a picture from the British Consulate, which was built in 1879. It now serves as a touristic attraction. The walk to the consulate was somewhat strenuous as we had to walk uphill, but the view was worth it.

Screenshot (2169) Screenshot (2168)

Afterwards, we took a cab to the Shoushan Zoo. We were actually trying to take the cab to the National Park however, things got lost in translation, and ended up by the Zoo (which was near the National Park, hopefully next time we’ll find it) but all was fine. Surprisingly, the admission price for the Zoo was actually cheaper than the British Consulate. My favorite part of the zoo was when I got to hear the lions roar! (I got it on video, it was really loud). I was pretty exhausted from walking all day, Belen and James (roommate) lead the way to our adventures.

Screenshot (2164)

Till next week.




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