Week 5: Badminton Community

I was first introduced to the local badminton gym near Kaohsiung Medical University by the post-doc I am working under. I started to play badminton with them every Monday since the first week I arrived here. The gym is small and consists of four small courts. The courts are reserved usually six months in advance and the same group of people play every week.

Back in the U.S., I played badminton throughout high school and college and was apart of the team. I loved playing badminton and being apart of the San Diego Youth Community who represents different schools throughout San Diego. I trained nearly three times a week with my trainer for competitions. When I play here, it is for recreational purposes.

It was really exciting that a player on the other court invited me to join and play a game with them. They seemed like really good players and I noticed that the way they play in pairs is how I was taught to play as well. It makes me realize that badminton training is universal in pair rotation but different in style. I was even more happy when they asked me to join them to play on Mondays and Thursdays with their team.


Also, the app you should use here is called LINE. The sticker game is tooo real.




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