Week 2 Mexico

Academically and socially, Ensenada has been eye opening. In the lab, I have started working on my project of testing the antinoceiptive properties of venom from different species of cone snails. We have extracted the venom, purified it through HPLC, and are getting ready to test the venom on live mice models. Our lab mates have been very welcoming. We were invited to a birthday party and had a fun time watching USA get destroyed by Argentina and played card games.  Outside of the lab, all the local people have been friendly. Nick’s dad came this weekend to visit and we all went charter fishing. Nick was the only one to not throw up on the boat from sea sickness, while his dad and I fell victims to it. However, we all caught a lot of fish and made a lot of ceviche and grilled fish fillets. Costco exist in Ensenada and the free samples are just as good. If we ever felt home sick, we could just go to Costco, put headphones in and feel like we are back in the US because everything is the exact same format. Walmart employees aren’t the best here too.

-Kevin G

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