Week 1

Just finished today, June 13th at around 3pm from the lab at CICESE.  Today marks one week since our first day.  The weather was amazing, not a cloud in the sky with an awesome view of the city and the beach.  Kevin and I went started work at 9am, I was running HPLC all day to purify and separate fractions of venom from the snail Conus brunneus, and it came out quite beautifully :).  We had lunch at the cafe on campus; every meal I’ve had there has been really good, really cheap, and has a great view of the ocean while you’re eating.  After work we were walking back and ran into a girl playing soccer with her friend that lives at the Chiza with us, we played against them for a friendly match and then managed to get a ride home from a coworker.  Now we’re hanging out at our place, going to grab a pizza then watch the Mexico vs. Venezuala soccer match.  So far Ensenada has given me nothing to complain about, everything is great!

*Picture is from the first day we arrived at CICESE, the view from the Biomedical Innovation Department

ensenada day1


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