Week 1: Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park
Kakum National Park

According to Daniel, our Sunseekers guide, Kakum is a famous touristic attraction that host several thousands visitors every year. It was in fact a busy day when we arrived; there were school field trips and also foreigners. I enjoyed walking across the forest. Also, we came across a student who felt dizzy from hiking up, and I learned from Dr. Martin that in such circumstance, you want to lower your head (and maybe put also your feet up) to allow blood flow to the brain. On our way to the park, we saw palm trees and learned a great deal about their use from Daniel: for instance, the leave’s main stem is used to make brooms, the leaves are also used for weaving, the fruits are used for palm oil, the seeds are broken and eaten and more oil can be extracted from them. Then the trunk is cut from the roots, the xylem I believe is palm milk, an alcoholic drink. From the trunk also grows edible mushrooms.



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