Week 1: Cultural Immersion


While my other fellows have described the experience and beauty of Taiwan, I would rather write about the practicalities of traveling to Taiwan. First and foremost, the weather in Taiwan is hot and humid in addition to frequent rainfalls. I would recommend wearing light clothing because you will sweat. However, those that want to be cautious of mosquitoes should bring insect repellent and long sleeves/pants. Please have all vaccinations including the recommendations because we traveled around the outskirts of the city.

Taiwan is beautiful for its mountain range and ocean coasts. For the most part, people of Taiwan are ec-ofriendly so the streets and transportation systems are clean. Don’t expect all public restrooms to have toiletries so I would recommend bringing a ton of hand sanitizer with you.

7 Eleven will be your favorite convenient store. It is on almost every street corner in Taiwan and will have the most delicious snacks. If you are spicy food-lover, do not expect Taiwan food to be incredibly spicy, their spicy is on the sweeter side. So if you are going to miss your hometown spicy sauce, make sure to pack that into your luggage on the go. Another tip I should mention is to bring your own quality make-up products and hygiene care. Taiwan products are cheap, however, american-brand products might be more expensive out of the United States.


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