Week 1: Aburi Botanical Garden, Legon

Chilling on a 120-year old Oshana tree.
Chilling on a 120-year old Oshana tree.

While in Legon, we also visited Eburi Botanical Garden. I was impressed by the diversity of both endogenous and exogenous plants that we discovered. And among them, it was a surprise to see for instance a 93 year-old cotton tree, and see for the first time a 120 year-old Oshana tree and learn at the same time its biblical significance in the birth of Jesus Christ.

Reflecting on my journey so far, I truly appreciate and am grateful not only for the chance and privilege to be here this summer, but also for all of that I am learning with the field trips and how much it’s contributing to my own personal growth, and a better cultural/historical understanding of Ghana, and our world in general.

Here’s a 93 year old cotton tree!


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