We miss…

What we miss…

  1. WE definitely miss home cooked meals (C, F, S). Cindy wants Nigerian Jollof rice (because its better according to her), Fatimata wants a fresh salad and a cup of green tea. Sean can hardly wait for fresh tortillas.
  1. A washer and dryer (C, S)
  1. My bed. (C, F)
  1. I miss not being starred at (C, F, S). There is a lot of unwanted attention.
  1. I miss hot showers (C, F, S).
  1. The freedom of being able to drive where you want (C, S).
  1. A reliable water system (both at lab and our home). (C, F, S)
  1. We miss our pets. Sean misses his dogs, cats and horses. Cindy misses her turtle (His name is “Act”) (C, S)
  1. The struggle to access Wi-Fi – (F!, C, S)
  1. Family. Cindy misses her nieces. Sean misses his family. Fatimata was able to reunite with her family when her mother and sister came to visit from Burkina!
  1. I miss good pizza. Dominoe / Pizza Hut be expecting call (S). I miss Mexican food (C). I miss Jazmin Green Tea (F).
  1. We miss grocery stores… bargaining is hard; they love to overcharge foreigners. (C, F, S)
  1. I miss a quieter work environment (C, F, S) and not having to lock the lab and pack my things (ex. reagents, instruments, belongings) every time I step out of the lab (F).
  1. I miss being able to wake up freely without the help of the roosters (ex. 4-5 AM, WHY) (C, S).
  1. I miss cars yielding to pedestrians!!! (C, F, S) There is no such thing as pedestrians in Ghana. Instead we are walking targets. haha 50 points for hitting the “broni.”

-Sean, Cindy & Fatimata (only about a week left in Ghana. Bittersweet!)


Group pic: tie-dye Akan symbols – Adinkra Village.


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