Volunteer Work!

This week we started volunteering at Montessori Primary/Junior High.  Fatimata made the mistake of exiting the car with her camera in her hands because all the little kids swarmed her for pictures.  This was the first time Sean was not the center of attention for the younger population.  Every time we returned to the school the little kids in Fatimata’s photo consistently ask her for the developed copy of the picture.  They all want their own individual copy.

The children at this school are absolutely brilliant! We only started attending the school after July because we thought they were taking their exams, but we had the schedule wrong and they were actually taking their exams in July so while we were there, we were able to help them review any last minute topics.  One of the students that I was helping was literally picking at my brain.  He asked me questions like: why do we (the US) send people into space, is there life form in space, can you fix the hole in the ozone layer, what is the best way to make fuel efficient cars… and the list goes on.  The student was very surprised to hear about rechargeable cars.

I was paired up with Madam Vida, a math instructor for grades 4 and 5,  She saw how excited I was to teach math to her students and she thanked me for that.  On our first day at the school we went in the morning, then left to lab, then left lab early to return to the school to teach.  I taught the students about ratios and proportions.  It was really interesting because after about thirty minutes of teaching the students the lesson, they seemed to understand the concept so I asked for the students who didn’t understand to come to the front so they could give me problems to solve.  I began to notice that the students who came to the front understood the lesson too, they just wanted to solve questions from the front.


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