Volta Region (Heart eyes emoji)

For Cindy’s 21st birthday we traveled to Accra. While we were there I met one of Cindy’s friends (who also goes to her home university in NY and is from Ghana).  He invited me to go hiking and I am glad I said yes. IT was beautiful. I want to come back to Ghana just to further explore/ hike this region and visit Mole National Park in the north.

The Volta Region is the most eastern part of Ghana and borders the country next door – Togo.  The picture below shows the side of the mountain that faces Togo. GREEN GREEN GREEN. The only part I found a little disappointing was how much trash was left at the peak. “If you pack it in, pack it out” people.


Below picture: climbing the highest mountain in Ghana. Mt. Afadjato! Its elevation is 885 m. Couldn’t stop smiling. And the view! Awesome! New Mexico actually has higher mountains than this in which I have climbed (~4,374 m). BUT I have never sweated so much in my life. Humidity kills.  If you look closely you can tell how soaked my two shirts are with sweat. #Showertime #gimmewater!



This is the group of friends I tagged along with for the Volta trip! It was a fun time.  Somehow everyone knew one person who knew another person and thats how they formed the trip. Our bus had a flat tire so we decided it was a good opportunity for some funny group shots. #VoltaSquad


-Sean (Kwaku)

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