The end of my Journey

Taiwan has been a life changing journey. I would have to say though that my last week in Taiwan was an extremely hard one. Everyone in my lab was working on the completion of our research papers and power point presentation, that was taking place on Friday.  The night before our presentation everyone in Dr. Guo’s lab stayed all night and some even stayed over. I left the lab at 3:30AM and did not fall asleep until 4:30AM. The presentation was at 9:00AM, and when I went back to the lab at 8:30AM there was still some students still working. I truly admired how hard this lab worked together, supported each other during times like this. Overall the presentatons went very well, and we took pictures with our lab.  Dr. Guo afterwards treated his whole lab at a very nice hot pot restaurant. He made a toast and did a small speech. Afterwards some people in my lab took us to an escape room. This was my first escape room experience. The theme was ghost pirates and the big challenge for me was not the puzzles, it was the fact that everything was in Chinese. We solved all of the puzzle, just not in the time given. This was my first escape room experience and it will not be my last. I will truly miss everyone in my lab as well as all of the friends that I made in the girl’s dorm. One girl took the time to write us a song and then she spent time with us on our last day in Taiwan by taking us to Elephant mountain. Climbing the stairs up this mountain remind me of when I climbed Monkey mountain. Taiwan Mountains and stairs are just intense. Regardless, we made it to the top and I took some really nice pictures of Taipei 101. I will miss Taiwan, but I am so grateful for this experience.

Until next time Taiwan,

Veneese Brown

During my presentation
Our failure picture after the escape room
Dr.Guo’s lab after our last dinner
Dr.Guo’s lab after our presentation
The sky home
Taipei 101

Giant Snail

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