The Base at Bombo

Last week, we visited Bombo twice. On Monday, Gilbert took us to meet Captain Solomon, the standing director of HIV services at the Bombo medical clinic. He greeted us with his huge smile and thunderous laugh and made us feel at home. We toured around the clinic, visiting the medical director, counselors, and medical doctors. We also stopped by the adolescent clinic to meet Nurse Margaret who initiated this branch of the Bombo clinic. That Friday, we returned to visit the Straight Talk kids at the Bombo Secondary School. Straight Talk welcomed us with cultural dance performances, beverages, and a tour of the school. The kids are so talented and bright.

On Saturday, we went to Lido Beach in Entebbe. We all had a great time.


My co corker from TASO Tororo joined us. I took some art supplies and sketched a drawing of the beach (pictured).


Until next time!

Alberto Jacinto

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