Taiwan Adventures: Part 4!

I’d like to talk about more of the adventures we’ve had in Kaohsiung. Two experiences that stood out to me was when visited the Shou Shan Zoo and the 85 Tower. Both of these places were located in Kaohsiung and I had a lot of fun. 😊

Shou Shan Zoo:





The Shou Shan Zoo was near “Monkey Mountain,” or literally on top of the mountain. As to be expected with the name, there were monkeys everywhere! Now, when I think of monkeys… I imagine Curious George. However, these weren’t friendly monkeys! They were digging through the trashcans at the zoo and trying to steal food from the zoo visitors. I even took a picture of baby monkey drinking coffee.

Monkey addicted to coffee Monkey Warning!CUTE love birdiesPeacock

We saw various animals from different parts of the world, although most of the creatures were native to Taiwan or other Asian countries. Interestingly, we saw an exhibit for the North American raccoon, which isn’t something I would expect to see at the zoo—since it’s such a common sight back home. They’re even some raccoons on campus. Although, these raccoons aren’t seen here!

In most of the exhibits, there were tortoises. Even though, there wasn’t an informational sign dedicated to them! I didn’t mind because I got to see unlikely animal friendships, like the wallabies hanging out with the tortoises, which was adorable!

85 Tower:

Now, we can move on to the 85 Sky Tower. This building has 85 floors and it has a panoramic view of the Kaohsiung harbor. It was breathtaking and there were various photo opportunities. They even told you which was the best angle/location to get the best picture. I had a lot of fun with Edgar taking silly pictures.

85 TowerMe pretending to be as tall as the tower! Sailing in the Sky: Sunset  Take photo here

That’s my feet and Edgar’s toes


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