Taiwan Adventures – Day 1

There are certain moments in life, where your perspective can change. These past two weeks in Taiwan have been eye-opening. Some readers may sigh with this sort of cliched one-liner, but it’s something that I experienced. As we visited the different cities of Taiwan, what stood out to me, was the juxtaposition between nature and civilization.

At most of the cities we visited, there was this balance between allowing the plants and nature to grow freely among skyscrapers and people. I compiled a set of pictures that highlighted some moments in my introduction to Taiwan.

1) To begin, we stayed in Taipei. There we visited the Taipei 101 building and we had a wonderful view of the city. In one of the world’s tallest buildings, you could see the mountains covered in trees and an ecological park surrounded by concrete streets and walls.

From the train window in Taipei, we saw temples within the forest. It was absolutely beautiful!

2) Jiufen could be described as  an unforgettable experience. It was a roller coaster of emotions. The shrines -located in the quieter regions of the town- lined the mountainside and it was peaceful. In contrast to that, is the immense amount of stairs and crowds in the small streets filled with food stands and stores. The crowd of people seemed endless. Somehow, the stairs were constructed at a 35 degree angle… (Well I’m exaggerating just a bit!) They were steep, so I got my workout for the day! Regardless, the lanterns surrounding the small side streets were wonderful as they lit a path at night.

3) Of the places we explored, one of my favorite places was Nan’ao. We were close to the ocean and surrounded by mountains. The clouds were so close to the ground, it seemed like you could grab them! Visiting the beach was one of the best experiences, since I got to walk along the shore and in the water. The ocean reminded me of home! 🙂

再见 (Good bye) ~~ Paula Bejar

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