Steve – Week 9

With a government warning of a typhoon ahead, I was worried my trip to taipei would be spoiled. Thankfully, the remnants of the typhoon landed on southern Taiwan After I had left Friday. People here take weather warnings much more seriously compared to hurricane warnings in the southern U.S. Jin warned us to stock up on ramen and soybean milk for when the rain and wind would be too heavy to go out for food. I guess ramen and soybean milk is the equivalent of bread and water here. 

Although, I only got to experience Taipei for the weekend, I’m glad to have seen the capital. There was an expansive memorial to the former president, Chiang Kai-shek, that I saw a routine changing of the guards ceremony of. I spent the rest of my time about 2 hours east in a small beach town, called Wa’aio. The beach was much better than in Kaohsiung. I think the Pacific Ocean of Wa’aio had much cleaner water and better waves compared to the Taiwan Strait. My last day was spent hiking at Yangmingshan National park, it was only about 1,200 meters but the stairs make the hike feel much more difficult. Yangmingshan is famous for being a dormant volcano and it’s sulphur springs, I did not get to see any sulphur pockets or experience any hot springs partially due to the weather already being at 95 Fahrenheit. My goal for my last two weeks in Kaohsiung is to wrap up and present the results of my lab project and spend more time with the fellow foreign exchange students I’ve met in graduate school at KMU before I go.

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