Steve – Week 5

As I’m getting close to returning to the U.S. I’m starting to think more about how different it will be once I go back. How weird it will feel to drive everywhere instead of using city bikes and the Kaohsiung MRT. Not having to rely on google translate and pointing at pictures to order food at restaurants. I don’t exactly miss it or look forward to all those things. But being so far removed for an extended period of time has changed my perspective on how I live. I better understand just how different another country and culture can live. 

The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts hosted a free concert by the Matahari Ensemble this past Friday. Matahari means ‘the sun’ in Indonesian. It was an interesting fusion of different instruments from Asian and African culture. The music was a very pleasant mix of classical violin and guitar along with woodwind.

Our lab project is moving along and thankfully our bacteria has not given us issues, as far as culturing. I am hoping of the two projects (observing bacteria-bacteria interactions and bacteria-chemical compound interactions) yields novel results that can contribute to a potential drug application for bacterial infections. 

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