Steve – Week 4

Our research

project has started reaping results (see pictures below.) In doing the variety of tests to identify/confirm the species of bacteria and the interactions, I am learning the ins and outs of microbiology. In the grand scheme of research, I am beginning to understand how viruses and bacteria are researched and drugs are tested against for potential treatments. This is definitely something I see contributing to my immunology background and has made me see drug development in a different scope than limited to a quantitative organic chemistry lab setting.

Outside the lab, There was a friendly game of American football on the KMU field between Taipei Predators and Kaohsiung Poseidon this past Saturday. The Predators shut Kaohsiung Poseidon out and lost track of how many touchdowns they scored. I talked to some of the Predators players and learned they compete in the American Football League of China. I was impressed by both teams organization but game officials still lacked some knowledge of the rules and regulating the game. This past weekend seemed to be the last of rain free days. The past four days have had afternoon downpours which seem to be accurate for other locals accounts of mid-summer rainy season.


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