Steve – Week 3

I’ve become accustomed to a routine now that we have settled into Kaohsiung. The morning begins with breakfast at one of two small restaurants a short walk away from our dorms. Occasionally I find a fresh mango that drops from a tree on the walk as a free snack. Afterward, lab is only a few steps from my door for LaKia and I to meet with Kelly for a short rundown of the daily tasks. We have since become trained in bacteria culturing and our first test was gram staining to determine which samples contain peptidoglycan cell walls and ensure we have not contaminated our samples. 

Lunch happens whenever convenient with our experiment of the day. The cafeteria on campus or small street market across from the KMU hospital has a large variety of food. How hot is it that day really determines where I eat. After wrapping up our lab work for the day and a short break in the dorm, somehow all four of us, Gabe, LaKia, Khoa, and I end up in the small campus gym around 7-8pm most nights. Dinner depends largely on what is open as smaller individual stores close earlier than night markets. I’ve become a regular tea drinker now.

This past weekend, we ventured to The Pier-2 Art Center for the day. There was a lot of unique murals scattered throughout the walking trail and really creative use of building faces. I thought the repurposed railroad car park had sculptures of recycled scrap metal amongst the railroad tracks being taken over by grass while a sea of kites flew in the sky. At the end of the pier, we saw a Republic of China National Guard ship dock. Their orange uniforms were a drastic contrast to the U.S. coast guard garb. 

Taiwan Coast Guard ShipPier 2 art

Pier 2 Building Art

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