Steve – Week 2

My second week in Kaohsiung was hard to keep track of because of how busy we were. We met the graduate students from Kaohsiung Medical University who would be training us, Kelly and Geenie. Along with Jimmy from Gabe and Khoa’s sports medicine lab, we went to the mall for dinner at Little Italy. Afterward, they took us on a tour to the Ruifeng night market, the biggest night market in the city. 

We also figured out how the public bike system worked and that saved us much time and energy compared to walking everywhere. We biked to the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and experienced a virtual reality tour of Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Later in the week, Gabe planned a day at Shoushan National Nature Park or ‘monkey mountain.’ The hike was one of the hardest I’ve endured if not only because of the humidity. Once at the peak, Gabe and I almost fell victim to a stealthy Macaque hiding in the trees eyeing our food. The other local hikers were quick to give us the heads up and put away our snacks. 

Kelly has begun training us on microbiology techniques important for our project and has been a great resource for things to do within the city and other cities within Taiwan. It is interesting to answer questions she has about our previous lab experience and culture back in the United States.

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