Steve – Week 10

It is my last week in Kaohsiung and I am doing a lot of reflecting on my time here, both as a tourist and visiting research student. I’m glad to have completed our project in the duration of 10 weeks and see novel results. Of the five chemical compounds we had provided to us, CDCA showed to have inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus Aureus. We were only able to show its inhibitory effect but were not able to find the minimum inhibitory concentration. I’m not sure what the next step is for this project in the lab, as Kelly and Jin both have projects focusing on cell culture, rather than bacteria research. But I am glad to have played a part in this research.

As usual, I am dreading packing and the long travel back to Maryland but I am least looking forward to saying goodbye to the friends I have made here. I landed in Kaohsiung thinking 10 weeks is a long enough period to not call myself a tourist but not long enough to really make friends. I was wrong. I’ve befriended travelers from Europe, local students, expats from the U.S. and Japan in my time in Kaohsiung. The people I’ve met have definitely enriched my experience, not only through acting as translators or recommending different sights to see or places to eat, but also through hearing their perspective on traveling and Taiwan. I am sad to leave Taiwan but I know it will always be possible to visit again. What will be less likely is for all the friends I’ve met to be back in the same place together again. That is what I will miss most. 


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