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Welcome to the newest section of the MHIRT Site. We noticed many people really enjoyed reading the cohort’s blogs of their experience at the different research sites and decided to make them easier to find and read through. Feel free to browse on through and have a great day!


Research update!

As I said in one of my first posts this summer we are doing organic chemistry research at UCC. Specifically in natural products. We are looking at different medicinal local plants in Ghana and determining the chemical compounds that give them their medicinal value. The picture below shows the plant I am studying for the

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Nzulezo- The Ghanaian Atlantis

On Thursday we visited Nzulezo village and I have to say it was a great day. I specifically enjoyed the two-hour canoe ride to and from the village. My arms were tired from paddling hahah. I’m not even sure I was helping the guide at all. I tried! The village is located in the Western

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Volta Region (Heart eyes emoji)

For Cindy’s 21st birthday we traveled to Accra. While we were there I met one of Cindy’s friends (who also goes to her home university in NY and is from Ghana).  He invited me to go hiking and I am glad I said yes. IT was beautiful. I want to come back to Ghana just

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6. Research #4

In total, we collected about 85 surveys (including both patients and their relatives/spouses), which provide interesting data. We will continue the analysis and prepare to write a paper. Hopefully, our findings will be useful and inform future research. There is much, much more research to be done. Aside from the issues of daily life affecting

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5. Research #3

I attended rounds in the palliative care until and met three patients. I appreciate the discussion the clinicians had with the patients and their families (all patients had 1 to 3 family members present) and the private, expressive concern for finding the best way to stabilize the patients and reduce their pain. When I see

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4. Research #2

Because communication is dynamic and both parties learn from each another, I do not see the purpose of a paternalistic perspective in health care. The goal of all study and research regarding health and health behavior should, explicitly, be based on making a contribution that leads to the real improvement of health outcomes, especially as

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Ensenada 5

What I will definitely miss from Ensenada are the friends that I’ve made in our living area, the lab, and MHIRT program. Throughout our stay, there were people who came and went from the surrounding rooms that were from France, Colombia, or different cities around Mexico. Certain students came here to do summer research and

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Final Blog

This final couple of days have been very eventful in terms of lab work. There has been a great deal of work to do in lab before we leave. I have been staying a bit longer trying to finish the last part of my project. Overall, it turned out good, I learned a lot. Before

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Ensenada 3

The first weeks of July, there was a lot of reading and reviewing of research papers along with tending to cell cultures. Now that I knew the area of Ensenada a lot more, and the weather was warmer, I decided to look for more neighboring places where I could run or work out between study

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Peru Team vs. Data Analysis

As the fieldwork for our project came to a close, we began to open a whole new chapter of our research, Data Analysis. The battle begins, PeruTeam vs. Data Analysis. Who will win in the end? Collecting the data is one project, the next is breaking down all the information you just found and making

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Project Progress

Hello all! We finished our 200 surveys about three weeks ago and started inputting the data we got two weeks ago. My part was to input all the raw data we got from the peri-urban town of Huanchaquito into to tables that were simple to understand and demonstrated the accurate data collected. Our project revolves

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La Experiencia de Chan Chan

Our first cultural experience was to Chan Chan an archeological site in between the city of Trujillo and Huanchaco. This site is known as the largest city of the pre-Colombian Era in South America and largest adobe city in the Americas. This site was the empire capital city for the Chimu people, later to be

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Weeks 9 and 10

  Before beginning these last two weeks, I took some time to reflect upon the last 8 weeks that I have spent here in Taiwan. I can’t believe it’s almost over! Week 9 consisted of writing and editing our paper. I am so proud of myself and Melissa for completing our first scientific paper. Sometimes,

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Taiwan blog #4 – Banana Boats are Not Really Boats

With less than half our journey remaining, I told myself to keep a positive mentality; that the cup is half full and not half empty. We still have 3 weeks to enjoy our time in Taiwan and with all the people that we’ve met here and built connections with. My research has been going extremely

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Taiwan 2018: Scootering Through Weeks 7 & 8

Week 7: In lab, we conducted the second and final week of our exercise intervention using the DAQ APP (a pressurized pillow). Unfortunately, we weren’t able to recruit CKD patients for our study in time, which was a bit upsetting. However, our lab mate will most likely continue the intradialytic exercise intervention with CKD patients

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Research Manuscript Writing Workshop

My last few weeks in Uganda went by very quickly due to the large amounts of research data collection and writing obligations. The second to last week of our program, all graduate students attached to Makerere University for the Summer Research Program were required to meet in the capital city of Kampala to attend a

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The Plunge into Ugandan Cultures

“To be African American is to be African with no memory, and American with no privilege.” – Unknown As an African American woman, with generations of family members born and raised in the US, I’ve experience a huge disconnect with African culture my entire life. The MHIRT, Uganda site, research fellowship was my opportunity to learn

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Field Work in Mbale, Uganda

One of the best learning experiences I’m having during my time in Mbale is the field work. This is when we join one of the (District Health Office) DHO teams and head out into the district to do some investigating, support supervision, or assessments of various health issues. On a typical day we arrive at

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