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Welcome to the newest section of the MHIRT Site. We noticed many people really enjoyed reading the cohort’s blogs of their experience at the different research sites and decided to make them easier to find and read through. Feel free to browse on through and have a great day!


Research update!

As I said in one of my first posts this summer we are doing organic chemistry research at UCC. Specifically in natural products.

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We miss…

What we miss… WE definitely miss home cooked meals (C, F, S). Cindy wants Nigerian Jollof rice (because its better according to her),

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6. Research #4

In total, we collected about 85 surveys (including both patients and their relatives/spouses), which provide interesting data. We will continue the analysis and

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5. Research #3

I attended rounds in the palliative care until and met three patients. I appreciate the discussion the clinicians had with the patients and

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4. Research #2

Because communication is dynamic and both parties learn from each another, I do not see the purpose of a paternalistic perspective in health

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3. Research #1

Now, let us skip past the various issues of daily life and get to what is important: Research. I wondered if the quality

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Ensenada 5

What I will definitely miss from Ensenada are the friends that I’ve made in our living area, the lab, and MHIRT program. Throughout

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Final Blog

This final couple of days have been very eventful in terms of lab work. There has been a great deal of work to

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Ensenada 3

The first weeks of July, there was a lot of reading and reviewing of research papers along with tending to cell cultures. Now

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Ensenada 2

As far as weather goes, we wore light sweaters on and off most of the mornings of June. Once July came around, mornings

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Halfway There!

Hello everyone! One of my favorite parts of travelling is making new friends, and I cannot stress how friendly our Taiwanese labmates and

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Week 5 & 6

Week 5 in Taiwan was rich in experimental and cultural exploration. We have begun collecting data on our healthy subject cohort. After we

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Nightlife is hopping!

Even though we work hard, have learned a ton, and are keeping up with our assignments, we have found downtime in the evenings

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