Saint San Pedro Fishermen Festival

Hi everyone, my name is Elide and I am MHIRT recipient. We’ve been here in Peru for awhile but due to the spotty wifi not much has been posted. We are in coastal town called Huanchaco where there is an interesting clash between historic, traditional past and the urbanizing, touristy present. It is a nice peaceful town that is a couple minutes away from one of Peru’s major cities called Trujillo. The week days are nice and the weekends are relaxing.
This past week was the annual San Pedro fisherman festival; it is a festival that is supposed to bless the town and the fishermen for the next year. Festivities have been going on all over town and throughout the week, but it really began on Thursday night when they set up for the fireworks. The Peru team and I walked along Huanchaco that night and we saw all the stands that were there and all the artisans markets. There were people walking along the streets waiting for the explosions to start and people on the beach strolling along. We were unaware when the fireworks were going to start until we suddenly went off. The people here really know how to make show.
The following day, Friday, was the actual traditional ceremony of the Saint San Pedro. They brought the Saint down from the church uphill in robes of gold down to beach. We learned that each year a different family dresses up the Saint in colors they deem best. When the Saint reached the shore, he was mounted on a caballito de totora, which is a watercraft made from dried totora leave. The makings of these watercraft date back to hundreds of years ago and it’s a tradition that is incorporated into the festival, but is slowly fading out due to the selling of the land where the totora’s grow.
When the Saint was mounted on the caballito, he was taken out to sea and then delivered back. People from all over gathered to see the Saint and the blessing. It was a really amazing experience.

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