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This title is recommended by one of my lab mates: Jimmy, Chia-Han, Peggy, Jonathan, Megan, CT, Kartson, Veneese, Elisa, Eric, Jerry and also my roommate Rigs.

Hello friends and family, future MHIRT trainees,

This blog post will be recapping my first month of research/lab experience here at Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU).

My overall lab experience so far has been amazing. Working here has been so fun! I feel very integrated and well received by my lab mates, which I have to thank for being just great people. They are very kind and helpful, cheerful and motivating, inviting and genuine, fun, funny and supportive. I can not ask for more they make lab enjoyable and easier to integrate into. Everyone receives you with a big, warm smile that its just simply contagious. Chinese is easier thanks to them too  and they know where all the good places to eat are at. So again I repeat, thank you guys (if you are reading this) for being amazing.

The first week of lab work was mostly getting to know people who worked at the department as well as to get a general feeling of how things run at their labs. I did not work with the rest of my lab mates yet since they would start the week after. My work consisted of doing patent work for an novel leg press machine the university wanted to build to perform power studies for elders. Then the following week, Veneese and I were allocated to our new lab where we work with out lab mates. I was given the project of designing a new leg press machine that could read force, velocity, heartbeat and muscle activation for elders and trainers to view when performing lower limb exercises. It is a very fun project to work on, especially because I know it is for a good cause, to help elders be stronger.

A normal lab day looks like this for us: get to work at 9 am and work until 12 pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have morning presentations. At 12 pm, the whole lab goes to lunch and we usually have lunch until 1-1:30 pm. After that, what has now become my favorite part of the day is nap time. Nap time usually is from 1:30 to 2 pm but sometimes if we are very tired, we nap until 3 pm. Our day is done at 5 pm so we work for those last two hours. Also, we dedicate one day of the week to be an excursion day. Basically that day we don’t work and instead have fun and hang out as a lab. We have done some pretty cool stuff. One week we biked around the Kaohsiung Harbor and Old Town Kaohsiung, another week we hiked a side of Monkey Mountain and one day we took a couple of hours to go swimming at the local swimming pools.

And that is basically how lab has been for the last month. We are planning so many fun things for the next couple of weeks, like going to Orchid Lake, go to a karaoke and go a waterfall. We’ll see how it goes!




Lab CheersPresents! Presents from Eric  Waterfall Group PictureLunch  Hiking Riding with Jimmy EMG Tryouts Riding with Chia-Han On top of Monkey Mountain with Jerry and Eric Took the water to the top of Monkey MountainReady to ride with Neese Lab Group Riding in Old Town Kaohsiung Riding alongside the Harbor My lab 

First week of work


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