Recommended by Chia-Han – “六六大顺”

This title was recommended by the guy who loves to do Taiwan squats and 六六大顺 (liú liú liú), my lab mate Chia-Han (John).

Hello friends and family, future MHIRT trainees,

This is my third blog post which will be different from the previous ones I have posted before. Here, I will be talking about two things: the number six and Taiwan squat, two things that seem completely unrelated but in someway found themselves to be the joke of the summer.

What started as simple curiosity quickly turned to became the joke of my whole lab for the summer.

People from Taiwan squat everywhere! While waiting for the metro (MRT), at restaurants, at parks, randomly while walking in the streets, on TV you see the locals squatting, waiting in lines, or just to be comfortable. Which is very interesting because I noticed Taiwan squatting is not like regular squatting. Here, both feet need to be flat on the ground! When I was introduced to this, I told my lab that many people can’t do that, that many can squat with their heels up and only the soles of their upper foot are flat on the ground. My lab explained that Taiwan squatting (or just squatting for them) is more comfortable than standing. Not only does it build more strength on the legs but improves balance and digestive flow. So, I tried the squat in our lab and in our excursions. Interestingly, it became a running joke around the lab to squat for pictures since I could do it. They were very surprised though! that I could squat like them because they thought like I did, only locals could do Taiwan squat.

Moving on to liú liú liú (六六大顺). The translation of liú is 6, so I’m practically saying 666. Which here it doesn’t have any religious connotations, instead it means good good good or to say that something is going smoothly. You can say that to motivate someone while doing exercise or to say how good the food is, although that one is more situational. Now… how does the number 6 have to do with Taiwan squatting you might ask yourself because I did say they are related in this blog post. Well, liú (6) when you count with your fingers it looks like when South Californians or surfers say “gnarly bro”, you know that hand gesture. So, I started to say liú liú liú while doing the gnarly surfer gesture and my whole lab just lost it, they were laughing all the time. Then it occurred to me to combine them, Taiwan squat and liú (6)  while taking a picture. My lab just loved it and that is how those two became a running joke around my lab. We decided for a short time to combine do both for our pictures. So here are a couple of them so you guys can see what I am talking about.

Enjoy and see you in the next blog post,


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