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Uganda Only Masters’ students accepted at this site. At the Uganda site, students will be immersed both in a District based public health system in collaboration with Makerere University, and in an established multi faceted HIV program with the Ugandan military.   Uganda has a well developed public health system of disease surveillance and clinical services for infectious and non-infectious diseases, which serves as a tremendous learning opportunity for students interested in international public health.   Uganda was also one of the earliest African countries to recognize the emergence of HIV within its population – and responded with a comprehensive, aggressive approach. Over the past 30 years, HIV remains a challenge to the people of Uganda, and is a disease that transects society, has clinical, social, and economic consequences, and requires biological, behavioral, and structural strategies for control. The required field component of Makerere’ Public Health graduate degree involves placement of students into the selected District Health Offices, with supervision by Ugandan public health officials.  MHIRT students will experience the myriad of clinical and public health services delivered, as well as potentially participate in disease surveillance and outbreak investigations.  In addition, a specific project of high interest to the District Health Office, will be completed within the time frame.  Projects will be public health assessments, and will be data based, either qualitative or quantitative, and may have a public health education intervention as an outcome. A supervising mentor will be assigned to each student, dependent on the particular topical area. The second phase will be working within the UPDF’s HIV Directorate – in which a broad array of services are provided to HIV infected children, teens, and adults.  This phase will be primarily based in Kampala.  Projects will be developed with assigned mentors – and will include program evaluation, as well as service related activities such as leading economic empowerment activities with the orphans and vulnerable children. Active program areas include:
  • Disease surveillance
  • Outbreak investigations
  • Clinical management of HIV in adults and children
  • Laboratory diagnostics in HIV and co-infections
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Diagnosis and management of Tuberculosis
  • Infection control and injection safety
  • Sexual prevention of HIV
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision (including a device clinical trial)
  • Prevention of mother to child transmission
  • Empowerment of OVC’s
  • Strategic Information Systems
For more information about this site, please contact the MHIRT program PI, Dena Plemmons at, or Kathy Kemp, the MHIRT Program Coordinator, at

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Welcome to the Uganda Blog!

This is the area of the page where students who are currently enrolled in the MHIRT program can post their thoughts, pictures and experience on how it’s like to visit and work at the sites. Please enjoy and to get a more detailed account, feel free to click on the headline of the article and it will take you directly to the post page.

Kayanja Primary School Visit

This week we visited the Kayanja military base to visit the children at the Kayanja Primary School. We were greeted by the parents and military at the base to give brief introductions and were welcomed with open arms. We were given a tour of the classrooms for the little ones (age 4-7 years). We sat in […]

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Nightlife is hopping!

Even though we work hard, have learned a ton, and are keeping up with our assignments, we have found downtime in the evenings and weekends to go out and enjoy the nightlife in Uganda!  Whether you like the thumping dance music in the clubs that lasts til the early morning hours, or just sitting down […]

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Let’s talk about food!

I have to admit, I was worried about what I was going to eat while in Uganda.  I am not an adventurous eater, and I usually stick to eating the same things, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had also heard that the meat sticks here were amazing, but I feared how they […]

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The Base at Bombo

Last week, we visited Bombo twice. On Monday, Gilbert took us to meet Captain Solomon, the standing director of HIV services at the Bombo medical clinic. He greeted us with his huge smile and thunderous laugh and made us feel at home. We toured around the clinic, visiting the medical director, counselors, and medical doctors. We also […]

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Bombo Senior Secondary School

When we visited the Bombo military base, we had the pleasure of touring the Bombo Senior Secondary School! For our project (and past student projects), we are collaborating with student group called Straight Talk Club. The Straight Talk Club promotes HIV awareness and prevention among students through dance group, plays, meetings, and other activities. The […]

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Bombo Military Base

Last week we made our first visit to the Bombo military base! We were able to see all of the impact of the Department of Defense (DoD) PEPFAR program over the last 12 years for the HIV clinic at the Bombo military hospital. The DoD HIV/AIDs Prevention Program (DHAPP) has been present in Uganda thanks to […]

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Adiós, Tororo!

My last week in Tororo consisted of collecting data for my project, providing assistance to the medical team during clinic days, and saying good byes to the many friends I made at TASO Tororo. On Tuesday, I analyzed the TB Laboratory and TB Treatment registries and gathered counts of those who were presumed to have TB and […]

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Experiencing Jinja on a local level!

My first weekend in Jinja I was blessed to make friends with one of the locals.  I was so excited when he offered to show me around and take me to places most tourists never go. I saw Itanda falls, which are level 5 Rapids on the Nile, spent the day eating lunch with monkeys, […]

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Settled in and enjoying time at The Office!

My time in Jinja is flying by so quickly.  I have settled into my daily routine of waking, having breakfast in the hotel garden, going to work, then spending time in the evening at my favorite local hangout The Office, where I can connect to WiFi, work on program assignments, chat with family and friends […]

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Recap on project in Mbale

Reflecting on our time here in Uganda, it’s crazy we are already half way done. We have officially moved out of our districts back to the capital Kampala. These past 3 weeks in the Mbale district have been very enriching. From learning how to navigate the markets to grocery shop to bartering with the boda […]

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