Project Progress

Hello all!

We finished our 200 surveys about three weeks ago and started inputting the data we got two weeks ago. My part was to input all the raw data we got from the peri-urban town of Huanchaquito into to tables that were simple to understand and demonstrated the accurate data collected. Our project revolves around the knowledge and use of medicinal plants that the people in these communities understand, so demonstrating this data is important and is the basis for the rest of our project.

I had to review all 100 surveys that were done in Huanchaquito and detail the demographics of the people, the knowledge and use of medicinal plants, the use of pharmaceutical drugs, the preferred treatment types, and the people’s understanding in psychosocial conditions. While most of this was achieved by simple coding of the data, there was one part that took the longest. Recording the frequency of how many people mentioned particular plants and herbs took a while to figure out. I had to review the surveys and tally up the number of times those plants and herbs were listed, as well as tally the specific uses they had. The end result was the top ten most mentioned plants in Huanchaquito, which demonstrated the most commonly known plants in that community.

As of now, we are trying to finish up the rest of our report. I have started my discussion portion which is my interpretations on the data I inputted and will finish that soon. It’ll be very interesting to see what the end report will look like once we all pull in our collective results and discussion.




All pictures taken in and of Huanchaquito!

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