Peru 2018: Julia the Healer

Hello everyone, it’s Favian again! Growing up I would hear my mom and aunts talk about having to go to certain people for specific illnesses. While I never learned about the specifics of the treatment needed, or why it had to be a person other than a doctor, I knew it existed. So it wasn’t a complete surprise moving into this project having some experience with the idea of culturally bound illnesses. What I didn’t have experience with was the healer, so naturally I was very excited and curious when I learned that we would have a cleaning as part of the cultural experience here in Peru. I happened to participate on the second session with Julia and was prepared after having seen three of my group members go before me. While I won’t go into detail about what Julia said about me during the session, all I can say is that she was very accurate with her descriptions, not just with me but with all of my group members.

Experiencing the cleaning with Julia was a good way to get a better understanding of the whole survey we were conducting, particularly the cultural-bound illnesses such as chucaque or mal ojo. Not only did it help me understand the significance of such healing practices in Peruvian culture, but also those of my own older family members.

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