Peru 2018: Huanchaco of Trujillo

Hello all, my name is Favian from the Peru site. While I came to Peru knowing Spanish there was still much to learn and getting used to. On day one in the Lima airport I was asked if I wanted a receipt but didn’t understand because I wasn’t familiar with the word they used to refer to it (which I still cannot remember). Aside from learning other differences in the Spanish I use on a regular basis, I have learned a lot of Peru’s history and origins of certain cultural practices and influences across numerous archaeological   sites. A few of instances where I learned a great deal about the ancient history of Peru was when we visited the site of the chimu people, Chan Chan,


And experienced the San Pedro Festival.


I came to Peru not really knowing much about it but have enjoyed the experience of interviewing locals for our research project and hearing about life here straight from the people. I am also very fond and thankful for my research group, they certainly have made living in a different country an easier transition!


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