Only Two Weeks Left ?!

I cannot believe that we are going into the 8th week.  Honestly it feels as though I just landed here. Taiwan has become such a familiar place to me.  There are so many things that I am going to miss about Taiwan when I return to America; for one I am going to miss the MRT. I am also going to miss the inexpensive healthcare here. Speaking of healthcare, I had my first hospital experience. For a week I have been having a runny nose, so I asked a grad student in my lab if she could take me but I forgot that she was an international student and wasn’t familiar with the hospital. So instead a local grad student took me and she tagged along. The first thing the grad student told me was that the hospital did not have a 4th floor because in Chinese four is “四 , Sì” which is very close to the Chinese word “死, sǐ” which means death. I thought it was very interesting seeing the elevator skip that number. In no time I was able to see the doctor, and she gave me two different medication for a week. Guess what the overall cost was for a person to see a doctor, and receive medicine all with no insurance… $20 USD !!!! Crazy right. My lab have been trying to tell me that I should see the doctor cause the cost was very reasonable in Taiwan and I didn’t believe them till I experienced it myself.

After my visit from the hospital the hot topic in my lab was the Typhoon that was to hit this weekend. We had to cancel our trip to Kenting . Actually as I am typing right now, I can hear the wind and rain hit my window. This is my first experience in a typhoon. My lab advised that I buy some food and water in preparation for this storm. The weather in Taiwan is unpredictable sometimes so we couldn’t tell how bad this typhoon is going to be. I know that it started yesterday night and now tonight its starting to pick up again. I don’t know when it will be over. Some people anticipate it will end on Tuesday or Wednesday. I have a lot of Instant noodles ready just in case it lasts any longer.

On another note, since we have two more weeks left I had to start preparing for my departure. With help from a friend here in the girls dorm, I was able to purchase my speed rail ticket at a discounted price. Advise to future MHIRT, if you can purchase your tickets two weeks or early do so, because the earlier the better the discount. Also you will get more options of departure times. We are going to leave around 9:30AM. I am excited to go back to Taipei. There is a power puff girls convention happening at the art museum there. I am going to see if I can visit it before I leave Taiwan.

With all of this said I want to finish this blog post with these few words of advice. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to meet some incredible students at KMU. They have helped me in so many ways. I will miss them immensely. I am going to use these last 2 more weeks to show them my appreciation.


Veneese Brown

P.S.   I started my experiment last week and we are getting some great results. I love my lab and I am so grateful for this opportunity to use these equipment.

I really wanted to try this. There is a waffle shop really close to KMU. It was really tasty.
This is a picture of the hospital floors. If you look really close you can see that the 4th floor is missing.
Typhoon sky >.<  The wind was really strong when I was taking this picture.
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