One Week Left \(^0^)/ !!!

As the title states above, we are in the last week of our Taiwan adventure. I took advantage and decided to go to some places that was on my Taiwan bucket list. We had Friday off in my lab, so I decided to go to the zoo by myself. That was when I met a staff member, who was also a teacher for a Zoo internship. He introduced me to his students and then took me on a personal tour. He asked me a lot of questions regarding the pronunciation of some animal name in English and I did the same but for Chinese. He was really friendly, so I decided to take a picture with him at the end of my trip and then he showed me where the closest bus stop is for the MRT station. I spend the rest of my Friday shopping at Central Park and exploring a stationary store called 9×9. Honestly this store is the best place to get all of your needed pens and paper. Everything is reasonably priced and excellent quality. I highly suggest future MHIRT students to check this place out.

The Zoo staff that was really nice to me



On Saturday, I was invited by a few friends to E-DA World. This is an amusement park that is filled with rides, arcades, and has a super cute Greek theme. I tried VR for the first time. It was really funny because it was a Horror Hospital VR and I thought that since I love scary movies I could do it, but I was horribly wrong. I have never been so scared in my life. The game was 5 players, 4 people strapped in wheel chaired holding flash lights and one in the middle having to solve all of the creepy puzzles (guess which position I played, hahah the middle). Overall it was an experience I will never forget. There was also a water ride that I thought was similar to American water rides. I didn’t think I would get as wet as people say, but a local who joined us on the trip told me to buy a rain jacket. I did not listen because I just assume that I wouldn’t get that wet and if I did get wet the Taiwan heat would dry me off. My new German friend thought the same logic as well and we ended up being the only two on the ride without a rain jacket, and let me tell you were we wrong. I got soaked! It was as it the ride gave me a 1 min. long shower hahaha. Me and the Germen girl just laughed super hard, and when we got off the ride it started to rain. We had the best of luck that day. I really enjoyed E-DA World overall and appreciate all of the people who I was able to share this experience with.

A water fountain at the E-Da outlet mall







On Sunday, I went to Tainan to visit the Chimei Museum. My local friend Ma drove us. First we went to his house where his family prepare an incredible lunch for us and then we headed out to the museum. The freeway was pretty clear with little to traffic. You can actually drive pretty fast here in Taiwan but Ma was taking it nice and slow since it was his parents car. As you can see from the pictures the museum is huge and beautiful. We were not allowed to take pictures on the inside but I highly suggest MHIRT students to take this trip, it’s completely worth it. After the museum we went to the Night Market (I had to eat deep fried milk for a second time before going back to America). The day in Tainan was beautiful and I am truly going to miss it.

This week is going to be a little stressful since we are finalizing our research papers and power points in preparation for our Friday presentation. I am almost done with my paper but am still worried about making the deadlines. I may have to pull one all-nighter just to catch up on a few things and prepare for my departure back to America.

-Veneese Brown

Chimei Museum in all its glory.
Eating deep fried milk with my new German friend Julia
The beautiful water fountain

Empty MRT back from a long day
The speed limit on the freeway
Lunch prepared by Ma’s family at his house.
All of us approaching the Chimei Museum
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