Nightlife is hopping!


Even though we work hard, have learned a ton, and are keeping up with our assignments, we have found downtime in the evenings and weekends to go out and enjoy the nightlife in Uganda!  Whether you like the thumping dance music in the clubs that lasts til the early morning hours, or just sitting down to listen to live music, there is something for everyone!  We have experienced it all and it has been so much fun!

I was amazed at how worldly my Uganda friends taste in music was, and they quickly schooled me in music genres that I am just now finding out about, and I am grateful for it!  Thank goodness for  YouTube!  I have quickly found my favorite club music which ranges from Jamaican, West African, Ugandan, and even some songs from the states that I hadn’t heard played on the radio.  So much fun to be had and so little time to experience it all!

Peery W.

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