Mood: Friday the 13th in Peru

A lot has happened since my last post! One of them being my experience with Julia, a curandera in Alto Moche who has known our mentor Doug for a while now. The ceremony took place in her home, back kitchen, on a Friday the 13th (which happened to be the same day as my 22nd birthday). After a 45 minute ride from Huanchaco to Alto Moche, we got to Julia’s around 7:30pm and did not get back to Huanchaco until 12am. Needless to say, the ceremony took a while.

That Friday when we woke up, the power went off which freaked many people out, not because the fridges weren’t working or because the lights would not turn on but because it was Friday the 13th. After breakfast, our other mentor Tom took us to this active archeological site in Huanchaco which turned out to be inside of an elementary school. When we got there there were about 4 excavated bodies, all with their heads facing east. I wasn’t able to find out what year these bodies were from but based on the ceramics found I want to say it was around the chimu era.

Anyways, the rest of the day consisted of us waiting for the ceremony. Although 11 of us went, only Elide, Kennedi, and I were patients of Julia. When we entered into the back she had her mesa ready which is separated into 3 sections or “campos”: Campo
Ganadero, Campo Medio y Campo Justiciero (from left to right). Much of the ceremony focuses on the battle between good and evil and at the end the patient must find a balance to solve any problems they are facing. Julia, shared many interesting things with me, one of them being her advice to focus on my studies. I am super thankful to have participated in such experience my first day as a 22 year old and will be keeping this all with me and taking it back home to all my endeavors. The pictures below show a bit of the ceremony. Hope you’ve enjoyed.


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