Khoa – Monkey Mountain – An Unexpected Hiking

I want to dedicate this blog to my amazing squad with a great spirit, especially LaKia – the only girl in the squad but she is a strong girl who hikes for the first time in her life.

It was a sunny Saturday, and we decided to visit the Monkey Mountain to see “monkeys.” Normally, Khoa or Steve is the one who leads the trip since they know how to get to the destination, especially Khoa since he can use GPS in his phone. However, Gabe was the one who led on Saturday because he got the map and it was his idea. We took the MRT Houyi Red Line to the MRT Sizihwan Orange Line. Then we walked for 10 minutes and found out the tunnel which looked very cool. We thought that we would get to the Monkey Mountain by walking through that tunnel. It turned out that the tunnel led us to National Sun Yat-Sen University which was totally not the place we wanted to go. We tried to ask people around there to figure out how to get to the Monkey Mountain, and it was chaotic since we don’t speak Mandarin. Luckily, there was a young girl, who could speak a little bit of English, suggested us to take a taxi to get to the Monkey Mountain. The taxi driver did not speak English as well and it was another chaos because we had to pull out the map and our phone for the translation. It seemed like the taxi driver understood the part “Monkey,” so he took us to a trail where we could see monkeys.


We focused in our conversation and didn’t realized that we’re lost.
Gotta stay cool even though we were lost!

The entrance of the trail is located at Dragon Rock Cold Spring which is 10 minutes of walking away from Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art. The point is there is a public bike station at the museum, and we could have rent bikes to get there instead of taking the taxi for NT 240. Calm down, Khoa! It was a valuable lesson. After entering the entrance for two minutes, we already saw many monkeys around.

Here is Steve with monkeys


Here is Khoa with monkeys




Here is another picture of Khoa with monkeys (it’s my blog guys! you will see me a lot).











Here is Gabe with monkeys. Who took that picture for you, Gabe?


Here is LaKia with a smile on her face. Can she keep that smile for the entire of the hike? We will see! Wait a minute! Where are monkeys, LaKia???


















I love to be in tropical forests because San Diego doesn’t have tropical forests. In fact, I was born and grew up in a tropical country, Vietnam; therefore, tropical forests remind me where I come from. Here are more pictures of my squad:

Khoa with a big smile on his face.
Keep that attitude, boys! Y’all are about to get famous.
Keep it quiet, guys! Don’t let monkeys know that we are taking pictures of them.


Walk like the BOSS!!!

As you can see from those pictures above, the trail seems easy with many small steps which is not what we look for to hike. We chose a different path which had rocks and mud instead of following the easy path. However, the trail that we chose turned out really difficult with many slopes and mud. Although Steve and Khoa hike often, they found the trail difficult as well. LaKia probably struggled the most since she never hiked before.

Keep going guys! We can do it.
LaKia used the rope to help her get through those slopes easier.

Another slope to get through.
You can see a white plastic bag which is hung under his backpack. It was for trashes that we picked up around the trail. People threw water bottles and plastic bags around the trail which would affect the ecosystem of the mountain.

We’re almost there LaKia! Keep that smile until the end.
Here is the squad with the view of the city behind.
Finally, we made it!!!
Here is the view of Kaohsiung City from Monkey Mountain.
On our way back to the ground.

Monkey Mountain is a favorite place to check in Kaohsiung City with monkeys and hiking trails. If you visit Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, you definitely need to visit Monkey Mountain.


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