Main Attraction

Most people expect to visit various tourist attractions when they are abroad, but for us, we are the local’s main attraction.   Never in my life have I made this much awkward eye contact with so many people, and the funniest part is that they do not look away… I guess it doesn’t help that I don’t look away either, but at least I smile once eye contact is made.  I can’t really complain because I don’t have it as bad as Sean, all the little kids call him “broni” when they see him, but they mean well, they just want to say hi.

I’ve experienced quite a few really awkward handshakes where the other person holds on for a little bit too long.  I’m always able to laugh about them after the situation is over, but I’m pretty sure I make really uncomfortable faces while they’re holding my hand.

Apparently Rastafarians are relatively common in Ghana, so I’ve been receiving a lot of attention because of my locks.  All positive of course, most people just ask me how long I’ve had them, if they’re natural, or if I’m a Rasta as well.

Fatimata has mastered the art of ignoring people’s unwanted attention.  She calmly keeps walking when people try to gain her attention, while Sean and I manage to always stop and awkwardly try to find a way to walk away.  I’m getting better, kind of… Sean, not so much.

Our security guards are amazing! They’re in love with Sean and all of them know his name… I’m not sure if they know my name.  One time Sean sneezed in the morning and the security guard called his name to check if he was okay.  Fatimata and I have sneezed several times, and no one has screamed our names frantically to check if we were okay, hahahaha.


– Cindy Famutimi

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