Loving it!

We’re in our fourth week here and I am absolutely loving it! I can’t believe that we’ll be going home in 4 weeks L. Yes lab may be moving a little slow, but at least it’s moving.

Last weekend was my 21st birthday and also Republic Day in Ghana so we went to Accra to celebrate.  We went to a club/bar named Republic, and they were celebrating their 3rd birthday of establishment.  The three of us had an amazing time out that night! The following morning we went to the soccer stadium to watch the Republic Day parade and watch a game, all of it was absolutely amazing!  Literally, words can’t describe how energized the parade was!  While entering the gates to the soccer field I felt someone take something out of my backpack, but I quickly turned around and got it back.  I was oddly okay with the situation because they guy gave my belonging back to me without a fuss.

The following day Sean went to hike the tallest mountain in Ghana with one of my classmates who happens to live in Ghana, while I went to a funeral with a friend I met at Republic 2 days ago.  The funeral happened to be for his grandmother (or great grandmother, I can’t remember).  She was the Queen Mother for their kingdom, so the funeral was very extravagant.  There were so many people, and several rituals that took place during the event.  I arrived at the funeral around 1pm, but it actually began around 6am, and since funerals in Ghana take several days, I believe it started Friday (today being Saturday), and even though they buried her during the Saturday service, the final day for the funeral was Sunday.

Sunday morning Sean and I checked out of the hotel and walked down to little Pizza Parlor named Eddy’s Pizza to grab breakfast before we headed back to Cape.  We arrived about 5 minutes before they actually opened, but there were 2 workers inside cleaning, so they let us in early.  After about waiting for an hour the worker who let us in apologized for the wait and said, “You know how religious Ghanaians are, they’ll miss work and go to church instead”.  That made my day, I thought it was the funniest (and most true) thing I’ve heard while in Ghana.  None of the chefs were in, so we were only able to order smoothies for breakfast and we were on the road back to Cape at around 11am.


– Cindy Famutimi

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