LaKia: Week 5

This week in lab we tested the cross-inhibition of bacteria on pre-prepared disk on five types of bacteria (Sty, SA, SE, KP, and E. Coli). We also did a small side project of putting pre-prepared disk on bacteria plates to see if there would be any inhibition of growth.

We also went back to Cijin beach. This time there was a festival going on where people were having water fights and they were playing a lot of music in English. There were also a lot of waves this time at the beach, and so there were about of dozen people surfing.

On Monday we move into our new dormitory because the one we live in now will be torn down. So, I have been cleaning and doing laundry in preparation for our move. I’m excited to to be in the dorm because it is central and has a study area and and a student lounge for us to hang out in.


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