LaKia: Week 3

We have finally begun our work in our labs. I am working in Dr. Li’s lab in the Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology department with Steven. Steve and I will be working on two research projects over the course of the summer. The first project will be focused on determining some of the chemical synthetic compounds that act against bacterial growth, and the second project will be working with the bacteria Bacillus to determine and cross-inhibition between Bacillus and different species of bacteria.

Culturing Bacteria

For this first week in lab Kelly, a graduate student, has been showing us around the lab, locating the supplies and introducing us to people from other labs. We have also began learning a few of the techniques that we will be using this summer such as, gram staining, bacteria culturing, and media creation. I have never worked with bacteria before so all of these experiments and techniques are new to me. In the lab we have also been reading scientific papers that relate to our projects to give us a better sense of the work we will be doing and how it fits into the larger body of knowledge surrounding microbiology and biomedical science.

Outside of the lab the cohort and I took a trip to Pier 2 on Saturday. Pier 2 had many abstract sculptures outside and there were also a lot of paintings on the outside walls of apartments and buildings. Aside from taking pictures of sculptures we shopped around at the market where people were selling jewelry, marmalade, phone cases, and more.

MHIRT cohort at Pier 2


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