LaKia: Week 2

For our second week in Taiwan we did some more traveling. We met some monkeys at the Shoushan Mountain and we also went to the Dragon Boat festival.

At the Shoushan Mountain we took a 3 hour hike, which was my very first hike! It was kind of scary because some of the parts of the mountain were steep with sharp rocks, and it was a very long hike. At the base of the mountain were many monkeys who were extremely sociable and would climb on you if you got close enough.

Hiking the Shoushan Mountain

Earlier in the week we also visited the historical Dragon Boat Festival where we watched teams race in boats decorated as Dragons. Around the time of the Dragon Boat Festival people cook Zhongzi which is a rice dumpling. Our mentor Fred invited us his office to try some and they were very good, they reminded me of tamales.

MHIRT cohort at Dragon Boat Festival

As for our work as research fellows, we will begin working in our labs next week. I have already met the two student researchers in the lab that I will be joining. Their names are Kelly and Jin. Kelly is a Master’s student and Jin is an undergraduate student. For the first few weeks Kelly will be showing us the basics of the lab and techniques we will need to   know. Then later Jin will show us our exact projects. I am excited to begin working but I am also sad that out time of traveling each day in Taiwan will be over.

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