Khoa Vo – First Week

The moment that we stepped out of the Kaohsiung airport, we were impressed by the humidity. We had a hard time to adapt the weather and humidity in Kaohsiung. We stayed in the Alumni House for our first night because it was late at night and the dorm wasn’t ready for us. We stopped by the 7/11, which was near Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) to buy water and food. I love the food in 7/11 because of the variety of the food here, such as rice with chicken curry, rice with beef stew, rice with pork chop, and Onirigi.

I couldn’t sleep well because of different time zone, so I woke up at 5 am in the morning and decided to walk around the campus. I was impressed to see a lot of students and older people wake up early to play sports and do exercises. According to students in the campus, there are some popular sports such as volleyball, basketball, and baseball. As a fan of soccer, I don’t see a lot of people play soccer here which make me a little sad.

Fred took us to CarreFour, a supermarket, to buy mattresses, blankets, and pillows for our dorms. The dorm is very interesting because the bed is on the top of everything such as table, closet, and bookshelf. It is a good idea because the dorm can fit 5 people but it looks very organized and clean.









In the evening, we had a dinner with Dr. Guo and Dr. Li for the first time. The purpose was to introduce us to our supervisors whom we will work with in the next 2 months.

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